He often comes into conflict with his brother Bobby, his arch-enemy Cliff Barnes and his long-suffering wife Sue Ellen. An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling. The story of a cannibalistic serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer, a.k.a. the Milwaukee Monster.

What movie has an alcoholic coach?

The Way Back stars a terrific Ben Affleck as a grieving alcoholic basketball coach. Ben Affleck's offscreen life weaves into his excellent performance.

She has a bourgeois husband who finds out that she’s been cheating. In the film, Henry lives in a rundown apartment and works menial jobs. In the evening Henry would go to local bars and often get in trouble, hence the name, Barfly.

Movies About Alcoholism and Problem Drinking

The boys’ mother, Glen’s wife, dies, likely as a result of Glen’s neglect, and the years of abuse Wade suffered at his hands come to a head. Coburn is excellent as the unrepentant patriarch, and it’s a telling look at how alcoholism does not limit itself to destroying just the alcoholic, but can take down whole families as well. Older adolescents who have posts that suggest or display unhealthy drinking habits are more likely to have a higher score on a ‘problem-drinking’ evaluation. Restrictions exist on many websites to prevent underage exposure to alcohol advertisings or other explicit content. However, it is easy to lie about your age on these platforms or to be exposed to alcohol advertisements in other settings. Years later, Jimmy Carter, signed HR 1337, which legalized home-brewing.

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The standout performance goes, though to Phillip Seymour Hoffman who was nominated for and received many accolades. This movie gave leading actress, Jane Fonda an Oscar nomination. She wakes up one morning next to a murdered photographer, but because she had suffered a blackout, she recalls nothing. Taron Egerton won a Golden Globe for best actor and film was awarded an Oscar for the best original song written by none other than Elton John and lifelong collaborator Bernie Taupin. This made-for-TV film won James Woods a Primetime Emmy for outstanding lead actor is a biographical film about Bill Watson one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Matt Damon ‘Fell Into a Depression’ While Filming a Movie He Knew Was a ‘Losing Effort’: ‘What Have I Done?’

Just when all looks okay, upon landing, the plane begins to have more trouble. The entire time Whip is cool, calm, and collected but this time, it isn’t enough. Whip force lands the plane into an open field, killing multiple passengers, flight attendants, and injuring many including himself. Days of Wine and Roses is one of the most famous movies about alcoholism.

  • Despite his downfall, Whip uses the experience to help inmates find a road to recovery.
  • Denzel Washington plays airline pilot Whip Whitaker who suffers from both drug addiction and alcohol addiction.
  • Here, a doctor takes Birnam and the viewer through other people struggling with this disease, including a reputable ad executive.

The following are five films that detail how an alcoholic‘s behavior affects themselves as everyone they love. Jamie Lee Curtis, sober for two decades, appeared on the cover of Variety’s “recovery” issue in November. Discussing their sobriety in recent books and interviews have been Demi Lovato, Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore and, of course, Elton John, who has sponsored Eminem. “The older I’ve gotten, the more I recognize that my dad did the best he could,” Affleck said.

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If he admits to drinking the vodka, then he will surely have to face the consequences he has fled from thus far. Captain Whitaker has now arrived at a crossing point where he can choose to walk the fine line of self-control or self-abuse. He chooses to walk the path of self-control by owning up to everything and admitting to his addiction. This is the hardest decision an addict has to make because not only is the addict admitting to his/her guilt, but is also giving up his/her right to hide behind their addiction. By giving up his addiction, Captain Whitaker physically imprisoned himself but mentally freed himself from an alternate reality that was overshadowing who he really was.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blaire, took French president, Jacques Chirac, to the County Pub in Aycliffe in County Durham before a summit in Nice. Vladimir Putin then took Blair out to see the city of Moscow, offering Vodka samplings to him and his press secretary. Even in Arab nations where alcohol is illegal, politicians and diplomats will often offer visiting diplomats and leaders drinks. During summits and international meetings, hotel bars are often where conversations about deals and negotiations first take place. Offering another party an expensive drink is just one way that the generous hospitality of the diplomatic world is displayed.

When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story (

For those unfamiliar with the plot of this Best Picture Oscar-winner, The Lost Weekend chronicles the exploits of Don Birnam (Ray Milland), an author who’s been struggling with alcoholism for quite some time. He’s recently said that he’s off the sauce for good just as he prepares for a long weekend away with his brother Wick (Phillip Terry) and lover Helen St. James (Jane Wyman). Of course, things aren’t as they seem and Birnam ends up getting Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery intoxicated the day that he’s supposed to catch a train for his trip. His inebriation becomes so severe that he misses his ride and is stuck in town alone for a long weekend, with neither his brother nor his partner around to help him fight his demons. Michael Keaton’s first dramatic role, he plays a real estate agent with a cocaine addiction problem. After a traumatic incident, Daryl Poynter (Michael Keaton) elects to go to rehab.

Barbet Schroeder translates Charles Bukowski’s work in a way that angered the exceptional writer. Henry gets everybody in the pub a beer and reignites his fight with Eddie. Marwood (the storyteller) is Withnail’s fellow star friend who stays with him and attempts to alleviate his most awful excesses. They agree to a tense deal – Ben is not permitted to discuss Sera’s kind of work, and Sera is not allowed to get in the way of Ben’s alcohol consumption. Older Adults and Alcohol
As people age, they may become more sensitive to alcohol’s effects. Alcohol and Women’s Health
Women who drink beyond moderate levels can face a variety of health risks.

There has been a wide range of movies about alcoholism and alcohol abuse or misuse over the years. Some heavy drinking and alcohol-related films are funny and light-hearted, while others depict a more serious and somber tone. Anyone who has struggled with an addiction to alcohol or has a family member or loved one that is a problem drinker understands the incredibly destructive nature of alcoholism.